How to protect our wrists in a Yoga practice?

As a few of you have been complaining about wrist pain, let's spend a bit of time on them now.

There is always two sides (at least) to the story. One side is to release the tension from the wrists regularly. The other is to strengthen them. The further sides are when you have injuries, but we are not going into that at the moment.

Let's start with the releasing bit. One easy practice is the gentle pulling of each finger from underneath with the opposite hand circled around the finger we are releasing. On the inhalation circle the left hand around the right thumb from underneath with both arms bent. On the exhalation straighten the right hand and gently pull on the right thumb. Continue the same on each finger on both hands. This short practice releases tension from the fingers and the wrists very effectively. You can also do the practice of making soft fists with the hands and circling them both in clockwise and anticlockwise circles. If you work a lot with computer, using your wrists a lot in your days I would recommend to do these regularly as a prevention of building up tension in the wrists.

Now let's move on to the strengthening. Weight bearing postures would be a big help here. To do them safely, there is a few guidelines that you should keep in mind though. First, and foremost, don’t dump the weight on the wrists when you are weight bearing. Think about lifting from the core upwards. The hands are there to keep you from falling rather than putting all the way on them. Second, try to put less weight on the actual wrists and distribute the weight evenly between the base of the fingers and the finger tips and push into them. A bit like this:

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