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Full Moon Release - Aquarius 2023 August

The first (yes, there will be two this month) August FULL MOON of 2023 is on Tuesday, 1 August - 7.31 pm GMT and it is a AQUARIUS Full Moon.

Aquarius energy is the free spirit, the rebel, the social butterfly. It loves it's friends, connecting, being part of a network. It's the dreamer, the one connected to our deepest wishes.

You all know by now that the FULL MOON is about letting go, releasing what does not serve us any more, a time to forgive. Putting these two energies together - Harness the energy of this full moon by releasing and forgiving any issues relating to these areas of your life. Make up with your friends, life is too short to hold a grudge!

Any issues come up about your unfulfilled dreams? Take a look, resolve it, it's time.

If you look at the Zodiac wheel, we are looking at 12 areas of our lives. The full moon / new moon that triggers us, is generally the area where we either have some healing to do, or in the case of the new moon, some manifesting to do.

Love and light to you



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