Apana Vayu Mudra - The First Aid hand position

Mudras are the Yoga of the hands. They are translated as a 'seal' or a 'gesture'. We can activate certain energies at the tip of our fingers by creating a seal between certain fingers of the hands. One of the most beneficial hand positions to learn is the Apana Vayu mudra which gives instant help for first aid to cardiac issues.

Let my dear teacher, Indu Arora, introduce this mudra with and exempt from her book.

Indu Arora: Mudra - the Sacred Secret.

How does this mudra work? Every finger in the body is associated with a certain energy:

Thumb - Fire

Index Finger - Air

Middle Finger - Ether

Ring Finger - Earth

Little Finger - Water

In heart related issues the main disturbance is in the earth, air and fire elements. This mudra increases the earth and fire elements by bringing them together and decreases the air element by pressing the air down.

The effect of this is more oxygen supply to the body and the heart.

To practice sit in a comfortable position on the floor or on a chair. Make sure you are nice and comfortable with an elongated spine. Keep the fingers relaxed, no need to touch the fingers together tightly, the aim is just to have a connection. Practice 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes for therapeutic purposes to strengthen the heart.

Fold the index finger into the palm and press down the second phalanges with the thumb. At the same time connect the tip of the thumb with the middle and ring fingers.

If you have not practised Mudras before, be open minded and give it a go, your hands are here to heal you.




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