Taurus Full Moon - 12th November

The TAURUS FULL MOON is coming - it will arrive at 1.34 pm on November 12, 2019 GMT.

Have you noticed how you react to the full moon? If so, have you ever wondered why do you react to it this way? Since our bodies are 60-75% water, like the movement of the tides, so is the water inside us is governed by the moon.

Water represents the emotions, and at the time of the full moon this movement of the water, thus the emotions, is very powerful. We have two options when the full moon is approaching: either we get crazy and howl at the moon like in the movies, or we take advantage of it this energy, when we get help with the movement of our emotions and we clean up whatever does not serve us anymore.

I admit I tend to do a bit of both, sometimes howling at the moon and sometimes doing a pretty decent clean up.

What does the Taurus Full Moon mean to us, what is it worth letting go off and forgiving at this time of the year? Of course, at any full moon anything that comes up within us for release is worth letting go off, the areas mentioned below are the ones that get some more energy now, so it's easier to work with them.

The bull loves to live well, to enjoy the pleasures of life, loves comfort and enjoys the earthly goods. In this case, it is worth watching and releasing, or just forgiving, the emotions associated with these areas. It might be useful to ask ourselves the following questions: Are we too lazy? Are we too smug? Are we obsessed with money? Is it only the dolce vita we care about? Are we too stubborn, jealous or possessive? Are we trying to satisfy our emotions by eating too much instead of feeding our mind and soul? Are we moving enough on a daily basis or are we just lounging about?

Namaste Dora


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