Do you sleep like a Wolf, a Lion, a Bear or a Dolphin?

Good morning, how did you sleep tonight?

If the answer is 'good' you probably feel great, if the answer is 'not so good' you may find just thinking of the day ahead challenging.

When we think about being healthy what comes in mind. Nothing hurts? I am not taking any medication? I am under no doctor's supervision? Well actually, health is so much more than that. According to Ayurveda we are healthy when these factors are also in balance:

- our Digestion

- our Sleep

- our Hormones (mood, libido, menstrual cycle for women)

Let's have a look at sleep in this blog post. According to the sleep doctor Michael Breus there are four kind of sleep types (chronotypes as he calls them) as opposed to the well known 'night owl' and 'early bird' ones. These chronotypes are mirroring the behaviours of animals.


The Wolf The Lion The Bear & The Dolphin