Yoga Nidra article from Leah Zerbe

Great article on Yoga Nidra, including a practice audio from Michele D’Agostino. What I love about the article is that it explains Yoga Nidra, it's benefits and how it works. What I found lacking, is that it does not seem to mention the heart of the practice - the Sankalpha, the intention that we plant in the seed of heart to create changes in our beliefs, thoughts, habits. Read more about the Sankalpha in my orginal Yoga Nidra post.

Let me know how you like the practice in the article. To read the article just click on the link bellow:

Yoga Nidra: Bliss Your Brain Out with This Ancient (Little-Known) Practice - by Leah Zerbe

"If you crave those last few minutes of your benefit-rich yoga class when you settle into savasana for stillness and relaxation, meet your new best friend: the little-known practice of yoga nidra. An ancient practice to tame the nervous system, you’ll find your mind in a more collected, peaceful state as a result of the exercise." - extract from the article

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