New Moon Wishes - Virgo 2018

Continuing with the New Moon Wishes which we started in January this year (blog post about the first New Moon of the year) arriving to September, the Virgo New Moon.

Just to recap, the New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. For detailed tips on New Moon wishing please read the January blog on the above link.

Here is a quick summary of the main areas to focus on for each New Moon during the year:

Capricorn – career ambitions (17 January 2018) - see blog post

Aquarius – wishes for the world + friends (15 February 2018) - see blog post

Pisces – increased connection to the Divine (17 March 2018) - see blog post

Aries – the courage to live your dreams (16 April 2018) - see blog post

Taurus – money manifesting (15 May 2018) - see blog post

Gemini – better communications (13 June 2018) - see blog post

Cancer – happier home life (13 July 2018) - see blog post

Leo – the confidence to strut your stuff (11 August 2018) - see blog post

Virgo – increased organisation (9 September 2018)

Libra – better love life (9 October 2018)

Scorpio – better sex life (7 November 2018)

Sagittarius – wishes around study + adventure (7 December 2018)

The ninth NEW MOON of 2018 is on Sunday, 9th September 2018 - 19.01 and it is a Virgo New Moon. Remember the best time for your wish is within 8 hours afterwards the lunation but anything within 48 hours is still charged with the New Moon energy.

This new moon is a time when we can learn to put the mundane details of our lives in order.

We may not think that is important, but our daily habits make up the whole. Free your mind, life, emotions from clutter, pay attention to your health and daily routines. Perfect time to make solid and realistic plans, personal goals!

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What areas are connected to the New Moon in Virgo energy, as any wish connected to them will be extra supported:

  • establishing positive daily habits

  • paying attention to our health

  • anything to do with our diet and exercise routines

  • sorting out work (not our career as such (that was our Capricorn new moon), just your daily tasks

  • taking care of our business, handling details

  • service, being service to others or relationship with anyone who provides service to us

  • employees, our relationships with employees

  • brushing up or learning new practical skills

  • decluttering our home, office, car, life

  • organisation in daily life, in any shape or form

  • increasing efficiency by re-organising

  • implementing new satisfying work schedules

  • analytical and critical thinking, constructive discrimination

  • making lists and ticking off our accomplishments

  • rolling up our sleeves and getting down to serious work, anything that we have been postponing or not getting around to doing before

  • began new projects that require a lot of attention to details

  • learning the “power of now” and of mindfulness–focusing on the present and learning to enjoy it without slipping into guilt from the past or worry about the future

  • Key words for Virgos are: analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious

  • Virgo is the ruler of the 6th house which governs: public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions and the working class

  • key areas on the physical body related to Virgo are: nervous system, intestines, stomach, abdomen, lower dorsal nerves, bowels, nails, spleen

Yasmin Boland (Moonology) suggests the following action plans for the Virgo New Moon:

◗ 1. Take an inventory

Pay attention to the details. Do an inventory of your life. Work out what’s working and what isn’t. Virgo has a reputation for being picky – too right! The image for the sign of Virgo recalls the people who once used their powers of discernment literally to sort the wheat from the chaff – back in the days of people-skilled agriculture. So use the energies this month to think about where in your life you need to make changes. Pay particular attention to your daily routines.

◗ 2. Be of service

If you’re on the New Age path, you’ll have heard teachers reminding us all that the best work is when we’re of service to others. Virgo is all about being of service, so use this month to consider whether you’re being of service to others. Think about what’s going on at work, especially. How can you help other people? Service with a smile will attract karmic Brownie points. Easing a colleague’s workload, or offering to pick up someone else’s kid after school… It’s the little things.

◗ 3. Be healthy

Virgo has a strong alternative health theme. The New Moon in Virgo is a wonderful time to think about your diet and your daily habits. Much has been written about the importance of morning and evening routines, so how do yours look? Virgo is a fine habit-former, so start some beneficial new routines this month – be it morning or evening yoga, daily meditations, nutrient-packed breakfast smoothies, earlier nights or whatever – and see how long you can keep them going.

◗ 4. Avoid nitpicking

Are you being too critical? Use the New Moon in undeniably picky Virgo to assess this. Love and criticism, for example, don’t go together so make sure you haven’t allowed yourself to get into the habit of finding flaws in the people you love. Don’t do it to yourself either! Doing your best is one thing, but perfectionism is another. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do as you would be done by – a very Virgo way to be.

◗ 5. Get organized

Virgo is like the part of us that’s ‘together’. In other words, the part that’s organized and punctual. Catch up with paying bills, filing paperwork and tidying up when the New Moon is in Virgo.


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