Goodbye for now - Summer Screen Detox

As we are off for a few weeks of holiday it is a perfect time to purify myself and shut off from social media. Let me recount a little story that really hit home to me what these little devices can do to us if we are not careful.

5 years ago we were on holiday in Turkey. There was no WiFi by the pool (those were the days :-)). My husband was taking a business call and I was down by the pool with the 3 amigos (our kids), them splashing about gladly, me joining them or taking pictures, being present and fully enjoying the moment. I noticed how relaxed my breathing is, how full of happiness I feel, connected to these amazing creatures in front of me.

Then my husband came back and waved a little white paper in his hand. 'I got the special WiFi code by the pool!' - he exclaimed proudly. On I went. Checking the weather back home, the news, Facebook, whatever not. At the back of my head I heard the children calling out for me, and just put my hand up, 'one second, daddy is there'. The second lasted about 15 minutes. When I finally came off the device I noticed I was STRESSED, my breathing was shallow, my mind racing. It really hit me, the difference in my state to just 15 minutes before.

That is 15 minutes I will not get back, but I am thankful for it for showing me what these devices can do to us in a short time. So off I switch from social media for 10 days (till the 7th of August), to be present and not to miss a second of our time together on this holiday.

In case you were wondering, I wrote the blog posts for August for you already, so those will still be running while I am off, just check on the website directly as it won't be posted on Facebook.

See you soon!

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