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Recommended to Watch: Best of Brené Brown

As a Gemini, the seeker of knowledge, I am always on the lookout for broadening my horizons. I thought it may be useful to some of you to start two new categories in the blog: Recommended to Read & Recommended to Watch, to share with you when I find some gems to read or watch.

I believe that what we do daily is really important. Little habits make us at the end of the day. One of my habits is to read regularly or to listen to motivational speakers. They give you new ideas when you are stuck, and just may give you the push you need to change your perspective to move forward.

Brené Brown is definitely up there with my favorites, she shot to fame with this Ted talk: You are Enough, if you haven't seen it I strongly recommend it, but in this blog post I brought to you a little collage by Evan Carmichael collecting together the top 10 rules for success by her.

Brené Brown's 10 rules for success:

1. Show Up!

2. Cultivate Authenticity

3. Set Boundaries

4. Actively Practice Gratitude

5. Embrace Vulnerability

6. Let Go of Perfectionism

7. Explore your Emotions

8. Build Shame Resilience

9. Risk Failure

10. Don't have any Regrets

Watch this video of Evan Carmichael collecting together the 10 top rules for success by Brené Brown bellow:

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