What a difference a year makes!

Thursday, 23rd March 2017 - my first ever 'real' group Yoga class, as in not practising my teaching skills on friends and family but teaching real life students. I still remember the nerves, the anticipation!

Then 6 lovely ladies showed up. They were sending me loving, gentle and encouraging energy and the class just flowed (well, sort of :-)). Four of these lovely ladies are still my regular students so hopefully I managed to get a breath right.

As I am sitting here remembering, my heart is just full of thankfulness and gratitude. To be able to do what I love and believe in with all my heart. What enables me to be here for my family. What is in line with my life purpose. Is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you to all my dear teachers, students, family, friends and the Universe for getting me here, now.

Photo credit: Heather Stillufsen

I even wrote a blog post about this in October 2017, our life purpose, Dharma in Sanskrit or Ikigai in Japanese. Ikigai encourages us that we need to look at these four questions when we are thinking about our career / profession / life path:

- What is it that I love doing? - If you are reading my blog, you know the answer to that.

- What am I good at? - Hopefully my students reporting back that they are getting calmer, stronger, pain free, having more body and breath awareness means that I am good at being the channel for delivering the message of Yoga.