NEW in December - Charity donations and New booking system

The holidays are coming upon us and in the spirit of Christmas December is the perfect month to start with my long term intention - giving back to the community. From now on I am delighted to introduce that a certain amount from each class booked by you is going towards a local charity. It would be really exciting if we could choose this charity together and I would like to ask you that if you have a charity in mind please share it with us!

Photo credit: Heather Stillufsen

Now do not worry, this will not mean that prices are going up! On the contrary, with the new booking system the more frequently you practice during the month, the less you will pay.

To be able to do this I would need to simplify the administration process and will introduce a monthly block payment (on top of the drop-in classes). Monthly payments are valid from the 1st of the month till last day of the month for the classes previously booked in and are non refundable.

In December, as we have only 3 classes this month, it would look like this: Block of 3 classes - £16.5 (5.5/class) - £1 going to charity

Block of 2 classes - £11.5 (5.7/class) - £1 going to charity

Block of 1 class - £6 - 50 pence going to charity

Drop-in class £7 - 50 pence going to charity

Let's enjoy the gift of giving togehter




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