Essential oils for your Ayurvedic Dosha

You probably figured out by now that we can balance our Ayurvedic Doshas in a number of different ways. One of these is with essential oils. Here are some examples to try.

With Vata, air and ether, dominance we are looking for warming, focusing, calming and grounding scents. My personal favorites for Vata pacifying are lavender and rose.

Photo credit: The Ayurveda Experience

When the fire, Pitta, is high we are looking for cooling, sweet, soothing and hydrating scents.

My personal favorites for Pitta pacifying are lemongrass and jasmine.

Photo credit: The Ayurveda Experience

With excess Kapha, earth and water, we do best with warming, light, stimulating scents.

My personal favorites for Kapha pacifying are pine and sage.

Photo credits: The Ayurveda Experience

How to use essential oils? You can drop a few in a carrier oil like almond or sesame oil and massage it into the skin. Another option is to use it as aroma therapy in an oil diffuser.

My personal favorite is a few drops in the bath (see my previous blog post on salt bathes).

You can also try this Tridoshic combination, balancing all the three Doshas at the same time, from The Ayurveda Experience):

Bay for Vata - circulation to the surface of the skin, eases rheumatic pain, stimulates digestion, antiseptic, brings clarity of the mind

Eucalyptus for Pitta - anti-inflammatory, sense of vitality and freshness, aids concentration

Ginger for Kapha - relieves fatigue and nervous exhaustion, builds endurance, clears confusion

The article recommends Himalayan Red Salt, I prefer Epsom salt as it is local for us in the UK and makes it easier to rinse from the bath afterwards.





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