Signs of toxins / Ama in the body

What is Ama / toxin in the body and what havoc can it cause for us?

In the healthy process of digestion the input of what we eat, think, feel is fully digested and either absorbed as nutrients or expelled out from the body. When our digestion is not strong enough, some of the inputs get digested and converted into nutrients, some get digested and expelled as waste product, but some remain in the body in a half digested condition. This undigested, unmetabolised food, thought, emotion becomes a toxin and starts to circulate in the body, causing disease.

As we can see, a healthy digestion is very important in staying healthy overall. This healthy digestion is based on the quality of our digestive fire. When the digestive fire is strong enough, we can digest things easily. If the digestive fire is sluggish than we struggle and end up with toxins in the body. A healthy and active digestive fire will result in a healthy and vibrant body. Longevity depends upon the quality of our digestive fire!

What causes the weakening of the digestive fire?

  • Eating the same foods all the time

  • Overeating

  • Eating food which is hard to digest

  • Eating tasteless food