Myths keeping you from Practising Yoga?

Setting the record straight on several myths that may be getting between you and Yoga.

#1. Not flexible - Saying you are too stiff to do yoga is like saying you're too sick to go to the doctor. Stiffness leads to lots of aches and pains. It may not be easy straight away, but in time a healthy range of motion throughout the body will reduce aches and pains. Good things come to those who persevere!

#2. You need a certain diet, body type, outfit - Nope. Not at all. Yoga is inclusive and can meet you where you are, there are no prerequisites. You come as you are and let the practise tend to you in the most generous way.

#3. It is a religious practise- Nope again. Yoga is not a religion but a philosophy. The philosophy is meant to engage you in asking important questions, gaining insight and making your own informed choices.

#4. It is just for relaxing - Relaxation and stress reduction is a wonderful byproduct of the practise, but as you can see in the info graphic below/above it has several other benefits such as better posture, increased flexibility, joint mobility, better sleep...

#5. It is only for women - Yoga creates flexibility, builds strength and refines the ability to focus. What man would say no to that?​

#6. I am too busy - Too sick to go to the doctor comes in mind again. My aim is to teach you enough to be able to practise at home. 15 minutes a day. If you do not have that, you are more in need of a bit of relaxation and switching off from the outside world than you realise.